An exclusive opportunity for Women

*STF’s  unique fitness concept benefits relationships and positive body image

A Healing Experience

*STF’s  acts as feminine maintenance an important addition to your life

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More than a Workout

* Mind and body are refreshed as negative energy is squeezed out in each workout

FEATURED PROJECTSConnecting You to Yourself

So Important

Our mission is to redefine fitness as personal maintenance of self-love!

So Well Rounded

Strengthen your psoas, align your spine, revitalize your kidneys all while you burn fat and build lean muscle.

So Steamy

Augment  pelvic stability, improve rhythmic mastery and enhance performance in many areas of one’s life

So Spiritual

Release negative emotional patterns and rejuvenate the body and mind
STF - Feminine Fitness
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Our Secret

Sensual rhythmic movement with deep activation of the Psoas muscle

What is the Psoas

A connective tissue extending from the solar plexus and wrapping around thigh joints at the hip flexor.

What does it do?

It creates a muscular shelf for kidneys and adrenals and stimulates circulation to internal organs

Why STF?

It is essential to maintain posture, tightness and preventing uterine prolapse and incontenance.