The Twin Bowstrings: Psoas and Scalene | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 129 | MobilityWOD

The Twin Bowstrings: Psoas and Scalene | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 129 | MobilityWOD

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Liz Koch, author of The Psoas Book and Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance explains and demonstrates a simple exploration for softening and hydrating connective tissue:.
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  1. Ashley Pearce April 10, 2015 at 12:39 am

    By looping the band in the anterior aspect would that not create an
    anterior distraction force through the femur into the acetabulum? From my
    understanding, please correct me here if I am mistaken, most individuals in
    Anterior Pelvic Tilt (with short/tight/stiff/facilitated iliopsoas)
    demonstrate partial bias to anterior acetabular glide. Would a posterior
    distraction not be more beneficial to assist ‘normal’ congruency within the

  2. Craink8 April 10, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Do you feel someone with anterior glide of the femoral head would do well
    with the bowflex motivator II stretch? Or would they be best served by
    correcting their dysfunction before attempting movements that externally
    load the femoral head in a postero-anterior direction?

  3. kanadianspud April 10, 2015 at 1:21 am


  4. Marissa Joilette April 10, 2015 at 1:32 am
  5. bewegungskompetent April 10, 2015 at 2:01 am


  6. Phil Gorman April 10, 2015 at 2:58 am

    Hi Liz. I took a week long psoas course from you in Naples back in 2004. I
    love your work and continue to teach constructive rest to a lot of my
    clients. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Much love and

  7. Alan Gottlieb April 10, 2015 at 4:28 am

    Very nice. Thank you. I’ve been looking for ways to teach people how to
    roll in a slower more intense more connected manner and you’ve done a good