“Tighten Up While Slimming Your Self Down in 28 Days!”

My name is Isis I am Licensed Tantra Massage Therapist, Fitness Trainer, Belly Dance Instructor.

Isis1I can remember before, even then I felt I was pretty healthy but again that was before. It took a friend and the tragedy of uterine prolapse to change everything. Uterine prolapse is when the uterus falls out because of internal issues Overnight her body had issues that seemed to spring out of nowhere. Doctors said it happens suddenly women get so sick and so fast Gaining a large amount of fatty weight was another symptom of the complication The doctor told us that because of lack of preventive measures it happens to + 100,000 a year I remember how scared and defeated my friend was as she wished she knew better. We made a pact that she was going to make it back to being her old self. We made a pact that  we were not going to allow this to happen to anyone else we knew.


We Decided To Create The First Preventative Fitness Program For Women.
Everything I was reading spoke about kegels preventing uterine prolapse. Kegels is that exercise that has us to clench their reproductive muscles to tone up. Later I gained access to the National Institutes of Health Library of New Research. There I found that doing kegels and fitness incorrectly can cause prolapse to occur. It was clear certain exercises were good for women’s bodies and others were not. But many people could not tell because the outside was not affected, the inside was. In tantra negative emotions often are trapped in the pelvis the “root”

I remembered how my friend had been extremely stressed with her son’s father and work. My mind was spinning! It was all making sense now.

I Discovered the Science Behind Low Impact Fitness and Kegel Exercise


At NIH I recorded rehabilitative exercise for the pelvis and pelvic floor built for kegels. It was boring so wove in elements of, belly dance, and it suddenly became fun. We cried alot as emotions flowed from our root chakra but the tears were healing. It felt good like nothing else and  we couldn’t not wait to exercise again the next day. She was getting better,  The more she released through our routines, the better she became.

Our, skin, nails hair  just seemed to glow walk changed, our hips widened, our tummies got flatter and our lower half started drawing more attention Before we knew it we had created over a dozen exercises and a really fun way to do them. It was addictive the joy we felt was even spilling over into our relationships. She told me with her guy she just couldn’t stop moving like in the workout, and she said he was floored by her performance.
When he asked her if she was alright she told me all she could say was


Isis_Before_and_AfterWe both were impacted by this fitness program in a number of ways that would transform how we lived.  Learning to exercise in a way that would ensure our uterus would not fall out certainly helped flatten our stomachs and fit into our jeans better, but it actually changed my lifestyle.


I was more sure of myself I could detach from anger, resentment, envy, fear and anxiousness in a whole new way. I felt clean like I have never felt it before because I learned to care of my inside and helped me love my outside so much more.

I’m telling you this story so you know the importance of preventitive fitness for women and why nothing that men have created will work for you.  Do any exercises that you have more to exercise than core and limbs and if you ignore it or perform them wrong tragedy can strike.
For too long our needs in this regard have just been ignored, women have suffered, males have offered male answers to female problems they can not comprehend

I want to offer you and the women in your family a solution…

The STF is for women who want to prevent prolapse lose weight, free themselves from sensual performance anxiety and fall completely and utterly and in love with their bodies.







I want to be super clear: PREVENTATIVE FITNESS is an essential addition to your lifestyle as a Woman. If you do not do it with us, do it somewhere.

Not only do you avoid uterine prolapse and other reproductive ailments

  • You fit your jeans better
  • You feel lighter when you drain your body of harmful toxins trapped in your root chakra.
  • You learn to self heal and flush pain, anger and fear that you are holding inside
  • You know you are tight and can keep tight.

You have an extremely beautiful and efficient body. Biologically, you are made to look and feel amazing.

You simply haven’t been taught how to keep up some of the parts inside to keep you feeling hot and looking fine. It is not your fault, society has not cared to address it and it is okay I am going to help with that.

Its like a switch, you turn it on your whole understanding of yourself becomes clearer. I want to help you turn that “love” switch in your body to the “on” and give you some tools you can use to keep it there.


So Tight Fitness keeps women safe while melting fat and shaping a lean, tight body that feels and looks amazing.

Picture this:

You’re about to get into the shower.  Standing before the mirror you tingle as you peel off your clothes and look your self up and down. You wink at that sexy woman staring back at you feeling excited, thankful and feeling extremely hot. Your  realize your skin is smoother, your curves are curvier and your stomach is flatter than it’s been in years. You think how lucky someone might be to get a glimpse of you like this, you smile knowing how good you would look in heels (then try on a pair just to be certain)

We Packaged All You Need To Get Started 

Interactive STF Program

STF Informational Guide

Easy Routine Generator

The Truth About Kegels Point Book






You’ll also get:

exclusive access to our private online So Tight Fitness community where the other participants and I will support you every step of the way (priceless)

lifetime access to The Foxy Bod Program content to support you on your journey long-term (priceless)

When you register for The Foxy Bod Program you’ll also get these amazing program bonuses:

A personal, 20-minute health consult with one of our So Tight Fitness Lifestyle Coaches to customize your STF Workout ( $175 value)STF Level Two Fitness Program from  expert and creative coach ($150 value)Free Access to Meetup Groups in your areas and bring a friend along!  ( $120 value)




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This year can be the year that provides clarity and insight into parts of yourself that can help you blossom and bloom both inside and out. Protecting, tightening, sealing and healing your body will cause you to fall in love with that lady in the mirror all over again.

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